Automatic Car Park System

Car parking systems have changed the way that parking garages work and maintain the number of vehicles allowed in a designated area. Many of these machines must work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which can put a strain on the system. Although a car park machine has a robust system designed to withstand years of use, they must receive routine maintenance and repair the same as any other terminal.

Car parking payment systems allow paying customers to access a building. They are in garages for corporate buildings, hospitals, venues, universities, shopping centers and other locations where mass parking spaces are necessary. There are several types of systems available to meet the needs of each situation. These systems eliminate the need to hire someone to work at a ticket booth for long hours, which can help lower the cost of payment to park.

Advance Access is your local supplier of car parking payment systems. The equipment that we offer can meet today’s standards for extreme levels of reliability. No parking garage owner wants to learn that their machine has malfunctioned, leaving drivers unable to access their space. That is why at Advance Access, we do what we can to ensure that our equipment is long-lasting and reliable.

We offer a broad range of car park equipment to meet the needs of our customers. Here are some of the frequently requested products we have available for you to consider.


VT Ticket Terminal

A ticket terminal can ensure that payment goes through before allowing the vehicle to exit the garage. However, these tickets can have additional purposes, and that is why our VT Ticket Terminal allows for customizations to its printouts. Ticket terminals offer the option to provide a free period of parking such as after-hours, or early in the morning. The car park machine can also ensure that only authorized personnel to enter or exit if needed.

The VT Ticket Terminal uses innovative barcode technology to validate that the machine accepts the card. This coding system can also offer different options to the customer, making it easier to use in a garage which allows parking for customers visiting various buildings or providers.

Our modern car park system terminals feature an easy-to-read display that provides the customer various messages, either confirming that the system accepts payment, or requesting that the driver speaks to an operative. There is the option to include an intercom system. However, they don’t need a connection to a telephony system thanks to IP connectivity and GSM technology, making them easier to use and operate.


APTM Pay Station

An advanced car park system located at a shopping mall must be quick and efficient, if not customers will choose to go elsewhere so that they will not have to wait to park. The APTM Pay Station from Advance Access accepts different payment methods for convenience, including cash, debit, or credit cards. Payment processes over a fast-electronic transfer that is verified by the reliable connection. The pay station also provides a way to store bank notes and coins for payments made in cash that is vandal-proof and secure.


APTL Pay Station

The Advance Access APTL Pay Station allows customers to pay using their coins, banknotes, credit cards, and other acceptable forms of payment that makes entering or exiting a parking garage easier than ever. This machine allows for unattended parking fee payment and has durable construction so that it will last for years. The unit keeps all cash and coins separated and protected using modernized security settings. And the unit protects against vandalism with three locking points and key access hidden behind the safety cover. The machine can accept up to six types of coins, it has battery backup, and a thermos receipt printer.

AZN Car Park Barriers

Car park equipment that prevents unauthorized entry or leaving is essential to any parking garage. Automated barriers like the AZN Barriers offered by us at Advance Access include various high-tech systems that don’t require the use of a manual operator.

Car park barriers like our AZN Barriers, if height is a problem, such as inside of basement parking garages. In public car parks, they may include license plate recognition technology to make sure that each driver leaves within their paid period. Also, in private car parks, AZN Barriers can only allow authorized personnel into the area if needed.

Car parking systems have changed over the years to offer exceptional advancements that help customers pay quickly for their parking and be on their way. These days, everything is about efficiency and how quickly a product can help you complete your tasks for the day.

Whether the driver is leaving work for the day or leaving a venue after a performance, they want to get back on the street as soon as possible. With advancements that allow the programming of our parking system, it’s wise to consider our products for your parking garage.