Car Parking Reservations Overview

One of the most annoying time-wasters is having to roam around a car park in search of an unoccupied slot. An unpleasant parking experience will often be the start of a similar shopping experience, which will leave you with generally unsatisfied customers. An organised car park could be the difference between a winning and losing enterprise. So how do you achieve this?


Especially for large or commercial car parks, organising the vehicles so that each customer spends the shortest time parking can be an extremely daunting task. A parking reservation system will enable drivers to book their spots online, offering unmatched convenience. All the customers will have to do is fill in their time, date and duration details and they will be guaranteed a spot. No one will have to circle the entire parking lot only to find a space marked ‘Reserved’.


Key Features of our Car Parking Reservation System


Speedy and Convenient Booking Service


With most customers entering your parking facilities with their spaces pre-booked, things will be much easier for even the operators. It is also convenient for the drivers as all they require is an internet connection. ParkBase car parking booking system will enable you to create your reservation in advance.


The car park reservation system can also be integrated with other automatic car park software to make things even easier for your customers. For instance, automatic indicators could be set to guide the drivers to their specific lots, saving them time.


Broker Facilitation


Broker facilitation enables you to make more space available to your customers. More space means more customers which translates to more profit for your facility.


Take the case of a car park located close to night club restaurant or a university. For the night club, most of the activity will be at night, meaning their parking lot stays almost empty during the day. An agreement with the night club could lead to you using some of their spaces during the day, at a fee of course. Instead of sending some customers away at peak season and risk losing them, you could rent extra space for them and retain them as your customers.


Our ParkBase online car parking reservation system allows you to seamlessly work with brokers to make use of surplus spaces. It will give you control over the pricing, number and availability of parking spots. Brokers will ensure that none of the services you provide is misused.


Facilitates Smooth Payment


The car parking reservation system could be integrated with payment methods to make it possible for customers to make their payments conveniently from their mobile devices.


Making use of the Parking Reservation Solutions provided by Advance Systems will go a long way to increase the revenue of your facility. Use our free revenue calculator provided to see how much you can earn.

Car Parking Features

Car Parking Reservation System

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