License Plate Recognition Overview

An Overview of License Plate Recognition Technology

These days, the ability to recognise number plates swiftly and accurately is a key part of any modern parking system where vehicles will be constantly moving in and out. Thankfully, today’s license plate recognition technology is capable of allowing the entry and exit of vehicles to take place without hindrance. It can even mean doing away with barrier controls altogether. Without the stopping and waiting that would otherwise occur, so traffic flows become less congested, allowing for a smoother operating parking system for everyone who uses it.


Of course, for a parking system to function in this way, there is no room for any mistakes with misreading license plates regardless of their arrangement on vehicles. This means that the reliability of the technology is paramount in all light conditions no matter the speed of the vehicles concerned.


Overall, the numerous advantages of adopting a license plate recognition system mean that the technology truly speaks for itself. These systems don’t just speed up parking system traffic, but they offer greater convenience, too. It is possible to handle reserved spaces and guidance systems with greater flexibility, for example. What’s more ticketing systems become redundant which means less queuing at pay stations and fewer problems from common issues, such as lost tickets.


Why else might you adopt an automatic license plate recognition system?


Flexible Parking Made Easy


Automated license plate recognition technology means that it becomes possible to run a standard auto-exiting system. In turn, this feature allows anyone seeking a short-term parking space to access them with greater ease. In other words, unrecognised license plates can be directed towards a suitable parking space while those which are recognised – for example, those of delivery drivers and employees – can be directed to longer-term parking places. This means that it is easier to enter and leave the parking facility with diminished waiting times. Not only is that more convenient for the public, but it also means less exposure to exhaust fumes, better air quality and smoother rides.


High Levels of Reliability


The sort of license plate recognition technology available today has very high recognition scores. What this means, in effect, is that very nearly all the scanned license plates will be read correctly. In turn, this improves the overall performance of the entire parking system. To achieve this level of reliability, error-free solutions are essential. This often means using proven, standardised parts that work with a great deal of consistency. Of course, to achieve the greatest levels of dependability, these components have to work well not just when they are first installed but over a significant life cycle.


Coping With Volume


One of the challenges that license plate recognition technology has traditionally faced is the ability to cope with multiple vehicles moving at speed. Our systems certainly deliver on this front and can cope with up to 900 licence plates per hour. Even in the very busiest parking facilities, therefore, the desired level of accuracy of the technology can be maintained even during peak operating hours.

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