Parking Guidance System Overview

The difficulty of finding a spare parking space in some car parking facilities has grown in recent times, usually because of the demand that the facility is under. This can be made worse by multiple entrances which make it that bit harder for drivers to know where to head to find the first available space given their route. To overcome this problem, some parking facilities have simply grown in size. Needless to say, this comes at a great cost whereas an advanced parking guidance system can achieve the same objective at a fraction of the expenditure.


Whether a parking facility has grown or had a new layout to make it more convenient for drivers, a car park guidance system will allow them to find a space without any fuss. Not only does this mean that users park more rapidly, but it will result in less congestion and fewer exhaust fumes being emitted into the locality. In short, a proper car parking guidance system will be of benefit to all visitors, whether they are behind the wheel or not.


These intuitive systems provide directions that are necessary to navigate a parking facility efficiently and will guide drivers along the most optimal routes. A smart parking guidance system will possess all the data needed to match vehicles with a suitable parking space. They also often integrate number plate recognition systems to help send known visitors to the correct spaces, such as reserved spaces, for example.


Regardless of whether you want to combine an automated parking guidance system with other options – such as CCTV surveillance, for example – it will be worth understanding the basics of the technology provided in an advanced parking guidance system today. How do these systems work?


Section Counting in Real-Time


An internet protocol (IP) parking system is capable of counting all of the sections of a car park so that it knows exactly where the spare spaces are and, consequently, where it should direct new visitors. By relaying this information over a network, it can tell drivers that parking is available in the east section or the third floor of a multi-storey facility. Therefore, as soon as visitors arrive, they will be heading in the right direction.


The Role of Parking Signage


As mentioned, a parking guidance system will provide information it has in real-time to drivers. This can come in the form of external signs with digital displays that report the status of car parks, for example. They can be used to show the current number of available spaces or to provide way-finding symbols, as preferred. Such signage can be used within or outside the facility and even be linked to provide multi-car park information if required.


Integrated Smart Parking Guidance System Equipment


The parking guidance system cost of technologies like ParkBase integrates multiple layers of automation with exceptional value for money. When parking equipment is combined into a single automated system, license plate recognition linking to a ticketing system is much easier to install together. An automated parking guidance system will provide a whole package of results. Pricing variations or service messages, as well as guidance information, will all be on display at the appropriate time. With an IP-based car parking guidance system, you really can cover it all.

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