Payment Systems Overview

Parking Payment System Rewrite

Parking payment systems have become high tech with automation and digital banking. Today’s customers can do away with the inconvenience of cash in favour of contactless payments, online systems, and automated number plate recognition technology. ParkBase covers every payment method imaginable. Our web-based platform ensures that your customers always enjoy a convenient experience.


Contactless Payments


Parking bottlenecks cut into your profits exponentially through lost clientele. Contactless payment systems are an effective solution, allowing users to tap and drive on in mere seconds. Our Tap and Go technology will eliminate queues and exclude cash up errors. All you need to leverage it is a parking pay machine.


Online Payments


The wider your options for car park payment systems, the happier your users will be. ParkBase makes it easy for users to process online payments in advance. This way, customers can book their parking space before they even leave their homes. Having trouble filling your lot? Online booking and payment technology makes it possible for affiliates to sell blocks of parking space on your behalf. Implementing online payments is easier than you might think. You’ll be up and running within just a few taps.


Direct Debits


Who says you have to rely on a pay-as-you-park parking payment system? With direct debit technology, your customers can leverage their online banking technology to your benefit. This kind of old-fashioned automation opens up a world of possibility, allowing users to pay for parking via monthly deposit. The days of having to collect payments penny by penny are over.




Some clients will never feel comfortable with preemptive payments. The most successful parking lots offer an invoicing strategy in addition to their more advanced alternatives. FirmBase will help you to implement an invoicing solution that won’t require you to break the bank on administrative staff. It’ll send out invoices on your behalf based on parking subscriptions. With that technology in place, all you need to do is confirm each transaction. Park base Management will even guide your invoice structure, so you don’t need a bookkeeper to support your digital paperwork. Billing has never been easier with an automated parking payment system at your side.


Prepaid Payments


Secure your customers into loyalty with prepaid parking lot payment systems. Our ParkEZ system builds instant identification into the mix, identifying prepaid vehicles through automated number plate recognition. Cars can be processed within mere moments, and automated gate opening technology eliminates the need for human staff. Think of it as a digital parking subscription.


The ParkEz parking payment system puts one thing ahead off all the noise: Your profits. Its convenience and a wide variety of options keep your clients happy. Its hardware automation reduces your staffing overheads, and its software automation cuts back on administrative errors. With all three facets in play, your lot will flow as freely as a waterfall on a stormy day.

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Car Parking Payment Systems

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