Ticketless Parking Overview

Most parking managers worldwide are embracing ticketless car parking systems as the new norm, making it a new essential for competitive car parks.


A ticketless parking solution facilitates a smooth parking experience for both the management and customers. Since no tickets are required, you and your customers will not be inconvenienced by incidences such as missing or faulty tickets.

How does it work?

A ticketless car parking system works hand in hand with automatic identifiers such as license plate recognition systems. As the customer enters the parking lot, license plate scanners identify their car and grant them entry. When leaving, their car is recognised and their fees are automatically billed from their online accounts. Alternatively, the customer will enter their vehicle registration information at the pay station and their fee will be calculated.


This system automates the parking process, eliminating the stress associated with tickets. You will no longer have to deal with customers who have misplaced their tickets. This will reduce the waiting time of other customers, making your car park more productive.


There is no limit to the range of car park setups that could benefit from a ticketless parking solution; from small parking lot set-ups to multistorey automated parking lots. The elimination of ticket-associated customer complaints will increase the efficiency of your facility, boosting your overall reputation. Automatic ticketless billing will also make accounting more accurate, and management less stressful.

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Key Benefits of Ticketless Parking

Increasing Efficiency


A ticketless sparking system will greatly improve the efficiency of your parking lot. The lack of tickets shortens the time it takes customers to check-in and out, making it possible to cut on the number of entry and exit lanes. The system could also be integrated with a parking guidance system to make it easier for the customers to find an empty parking spot.

Easier Administration

Without the need for online staff to handle customer complaints and sort out faulty tickets, your facility could make massive savings on administration. An integrated payment system will also make accounting and bookkeeping more accurate, reducing the risk of errors or financial mismanagement. The freed-up resources could then be devoted to the growth of the business.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

A smoothly operating car park with minimal entry and exit time will increase the level of customer satisfaction and boost their loyalty. With an organised garage, loyal customers will also find it easy to refer you to their friends, increasing your revenue pool.

Better Customer Understanding

With a ticketless car parking system, you can track customer behaviour to gain a better understanding of their needs. This makes it possible to offer specialised services that will boost customer loyalty and return rates.

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