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Barrier Gates

The security of your parking facility will without a doubt have a major impact on your customer attraction and retention rates. As cars and car parts are becoming increasingly susceptible to thefts, proper security for your car park will not only prevent you from suffering unforeseen losses, it will also keep your reputation intact and boost customer loyalty. This is why you need an IP barrier gate to ensure smooth and secure access to your sites.


Features of Barrier Gates

The IP Barrier gate is made of quality metal that will make it last for long, ensuring you get your money’s worth. The aluminium arm which can be as long as 3.5 meters is also durable and can endure high-frequency, use ideal for busy garages. For automated access control, the barrier gate can be linked to other components such as a license plate recognition system which will make the check-in and check-out processes quicker and easier for the drivers.


Below is a summary of some of the standard and optional features IP barrier gates from Advance parking which makes them such an invaluable component of any car park:


Standard Barrier Gate Features

  • Aluminium arm
  • Double bearing
  • Rubber impact profile
  • Advanced control logic
  • Mechanical lock
  • Triple vehicle detection
  • Steel housing (2mm)
  • Anti-corrosion treatment
  • Six programmable outputs
  • Color RAL 9007 and RAL 9004

Optional Barrier Gate Features

  • LED traffic lights in the barrier arm
  • Integrated license plate recognition system
  • Housing in RAL colour of your choice
  • A folding aluminium arm
  • Automatic opening in the event of a power failure
  • Housing in stainless steel for durability
  • A steel foundation
  • Parking barrier shelter

Benefits of an IP Barrier Gate

An automatic barrier gate will have numerous benefits for your facility. Apart from enhanced security, you will also enjoy:

  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Increased revenue
  • Allows you to review access logs for performance improvement
  • Allows you to set access limits for enhanced security

Being at the forefront of technological innovation will ensure you are always ahead of your competition. IP barrier gate and other parking solutions from Advance Parking will enable you to maximise your car park, improving productivity while keeping the operating costs low.

Hardware Features

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