Barcode Printer Overview

Your ParkBase system is only as powerful as its components. When every part of the system is in its right place, your parking lot will function at full efficiency—and that means happy clients and booming profits. A comprehensive system processes payments quickly without causing bottlenecks. It eliminates congestion and supports your marketing strategy at every touchpoint your customers come into contact with. You probably think of your ParkBase barcode ticket printers as a dull but necessary addition, but they’re more powerful than you might think.


How Barcode Printing Contributes to an Efficient Lot

The modern parking lot is automated and hands-free. It allows you to reduce your staff complement while simultaneously putting processing power into the hands of your clientele. The ParkBase barcode printer contributes to both areas by letting your consumers process their own reservations and payments. When attached to the ParkBase display, it uses an ethernet connection to slot into your larger management strategy. Your clients can print out their paperwork directly from your ParkBase software.


Why Barcodes?

IP Parking brought barcode technology to the sector in 2005. The Dutch developer loved the system’s ability to streamline access control and connect to other payment and parking systems. Barcodes eliminate human error and reduce staff training times. They’re remarkably cost-effective and offer superb inventory control. Your humble barcode printer keeps your system up to date so that you know your parking inventories in real-time, and so do your customers.


Barcodes deter theft and reduce liability, but they’re only as lasting as their print quality is clear. Damaged barcodes can’t be scanned, so they can create bottlenecks and congestion. Low-resolution printers create even more risks, so our barcode printer offers a minimum resolution of 200 dots per inch.


Choosing Your Hardware

Barcode printers typically need less maintenance than more expensive printing technologies. This unit:

  • Prints on the thicker paper required for ticketing.
  • Is compact, yet robust enough for rugged environments.
  • Has simple plastic desktop housing that looks elegant and sleek.
  • Can cope with peak hour traffic without overheating.


More importantly, the printer connects to the rest of your ParkBase software, so you’ll always know the status of your lot. Its tickets are consistent with those issued at your entry points. With our barcode printer, your traffic will enter and exit your lot without long stops along the way.

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