Card Reader Overview

Card Reader

An IP Control Card reader determines whether to allow access to a parking facility by reading the customer’s credentials. The reader relies on wireless communication with your car park management system when granting access to the car park. If network connections are unavailable, the IP Control Card reader will communicate through GPRS.


The IP Control Card reader box has a sleek design that attaches to any parking facility surface. Besides, it is compatible with any system in place in the car park. Since it transmits its information through wireless communication, you can access the system from your website on any computer.


IP Control Card readers communicate with the card by reading their credentials and taking actions such as allowing or denying access. When a customer approaches the gate and places the card within the reader’s range, it uses radio frequency to transmit the data before determining the course of action. It is useful for improving security by restricting access to various rooms in the facility or controlling access to the parking area. The external compact reader also has a LED display that turns red or green for better visibility.


Since the card reader connects to a network, you can control it from software or web-based applications. You can remotely manage access by limiting a group of individuals from accessing the facility. The card reader is also useful when making cashless payments.


The standard card readers use Mifare and radio frequency transmitters. However, with technology advancing and contactless IDs becoming popular, you can find advanced card reading options.

Features of Standard Card Recoding

  • 20-character/2-line display for a large viewing range and LED display.
  • Barcode scanner for reading the credential on the card.
  • Table stand
  • Black housing
  • ABS plastic that is impact-resistant to protect the recoding device.

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Optional Features for Card Recoding

  • Mifare reader for reading ID credentials and identifying users.
  • Pushbuttons from 1 to 4.
  • Eight push buttons on the enlarged panel.

Ability to recode Mifare access cards for ticketless parking customers.

Car Parking Solutions

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