Card Recoding Overview

If you want to reuse parking tickets, you can use a card recoding device. The IP Recode Coding allows you to change a ticket’s coding and sell it at low or discounted prices. Both customers and administrators of parking facilities benefit from recoding tickets.


Depending on your business objectives, you can set the IP Recode device anywhere. Parking operators can equip the Recode Coding device with four or eight buttons to achieve the discount they need. They can also access administrative features and enjoy quick services. Besides, you can add new recoding profiles whenever you want.


For instance, administrators can recode the following parking tickets:


  • One free exit.
  • A discount of EUR 1 on the parking fee.
  • Free parking for two hours.
  • Free unlimited entry and exit for a week.


With card recoding, you can offer additional benefits and discounts to your customers. For instance, you can introduce a subscription card that saves them time and money when using your parking facility. Alternatively, you can give them a permit exit, which allows them free exit. It will increase convenience and reduce the time spent at the gate waiting to check out of the facility.


For customers who use ticketless parking, it can be impossible to recode the tickets. However, since the tickets use a Mifare reader, they can still benefit from card recoding. You can collaborate with providers like ParkMobile to provide tokens and access cards for your customers. That means, whenever a customer uses the Mifare reader, they receive a token with rewards or a parking discount.

Features of Standard Card Recoding

  • 20-character/2-line display for a large viewing range and LED display.
  • Barcode scanner for reading the credential on the card.
  • Table stand
  • Black housing
  • ABS plastic that is impact-resistant to protect the recoding device.

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Optional Features for Card Recoding

  • Mifare reader for reading ID credentials and identifying users.
  • Pushbuttons from 1 to 4.
  • Eight push buttons on the enlarged panel.
  • Ability to recode Mifare access cards for ticketless parking customers.

Car Parking Solutions

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