Cashless Pay Station Overview

The wheels of innovation are always in motion, making work easier for both domestic and commercial users. In every industry, producers are always coming up with new features to improve productivity and convenience for businesses and their customers. The car park industry is no exception; various solutions have been developed to enhance the ease of management, reduce operation costs and give the customers a hassle-free experience. One such invaluable solution is the Cashless Pay Station.


Cashless pay stations allow customers to make payments through their mobile phones or cards, eliminating the need for carrying cash. Consumer surveys indicate that less and fewer customers are using cash to make payments. You don’t want customers taking minutes at the paystation fumbling for coins as others wait impatiently. This will not only reduce your productivity, it will also frustrate the waiting customers who may never come back to your facility.

When used with other parking software solutions such as CCTV camera, license plate recognition and customer API connectivity, a cashless paystation will transform your facility into a modern car park able to survive fierce competitive forces.

Standard Features

  • A single-slot card processing for accepting and reading barcode tickets
  • Intercom preparation including call pushbutton
  • Unit for payments with a debit card, credit card and chip card
  • Cassette capable of holding 4,500 tickets
  • An alert for when tickets have been used up/ when there are less than 200 available.
  • Ingestion mechanism for discount tickets
  • Free programmable rates for several options.
  • Input of license plate in the event of a lost ticket
  • An interface with your logo and introduction
  • Accessible service and maintenance
  • A heating element with thermostat
  • 7″ TFT touchscreen with information and operating elements for lost ticket
  • A cancellation button, language selection feature and receipt printer
  • Front door lock using a three-point espagnolette bolt
  • Aluminium housing with anti-corrosion treatment and powder coating
  • Interface for peripheral equipment control: 8 X serial, bidirectional parallel.
  • An MDB interface
  • Full-duplex dual-speed Ethernet interface for network connection: RS485.
  • I/O interface for communication with external components and systems.

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Optional Features

  • Housing in the RAL colour of your choice
  • Partially or entirely made of stainless steel
  • Intercom with VoIP transmission via TCP/IP: no additional wiring required
  • High-resolution IP camera with a razor-sharp image for intercom calls
  • Self-filling hopper system for dispensing coins
  • Processing of Mifare cards
  • Sale of subscriptions
  • Sale of event cards
  • Sale of ride tickets
  • Visual and audible alarm for the unauthorised opening

Increase the convenience of your customers and reduce the time they spend checking out by introducing cashless payment to your parking lot. Besides the reduction of operation costs, you will also enjoy easier accounting, higher security and an ultra-modern outlook.