Door Readers Overview

Door Readers

Door access systems ensure your facility is safe by preventing entry of unauthorised persons. Thanks to the continually growing technology, the readers have become flexible and reliable for managing entry and exit points in parking facilities.


The IP Door utilises barcode scanners to scan various ID codes, including reading an e-ticket with a payment code from a phone before granting access into the car park. Most parking operators also install a card reader to read multiple credentials from a smartcard or mobile phone. The card reader connects to the car park management system through the network. Therefore, when a customer requests entry into the parking facility, it will verify their credentials and allow or deny access.


Since a parking operator cannot predetermine the people allowed into the garage, an intercom would provide an extra security layer. Using the intercom in conjunction with an IP camera to monitor the door, you can choose who to allow or deny entry. You will receive a notification from the intercom system when someone approaches the door, and you can talk to them before granting access.


IP Door is easy to install since it requires external mounting and connection to a network to function.

Standard Components of an IP Door

  • A barcode reader
  • An intercom system with pushbuttons and a camera for managing calls.
  • A 20-character/two-line display to achieve a wider viewing area in a compact package.
  • LED backlight to allow optimal viewing in all lighting conditions.
  • Easy access for service and maintenance due to external mounting.
  • Front door locks with a cylinder lock to limit unauthorised access.
  • An aluminium housing treated with an anti-corrosion agent and a powder coating.

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Optional Features of an IP Door

  • Wireless communication for the intercom using VoIP that enables communication via TCP or IP.
  • Wireless communication using GPRS.
  • IP camera for capturing images and video communication through at the entrance.
  • TFT touchscreen for controlling the system.
  • Mifare subscriber reader for scanning contactless smartcards.
  • A Proximity Long Range reader of up to 5 metres.
  • The housing is available in multiple colours.
  • A stainless steel front door.

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