Pay Station Overview

Technological advancements have led to significant changes in the way customers behave. Nowadays, customers expect a stellar shopping experience, making it impossible for providers to get away with sub-standard services. It only takes one bad shopping experience for a customer to never visit you again and to trash your name regularly to his friends. It is therefore important that you take all the necessary measures to ensure your customers enjoy a smooth shopping experience.


For most organisations, critical parts of the shopping experience are the parking and check-out processes. For a car park, it is therefore important that you give the customer an easy time finding and paying for their parking space. This is why you should take advantage of modern car parking payment solutions like Advance Parking’s Pay Station to offer a quick and secure check-out journey for your visitors.


IP Cash Payments

Ip Cash Payments is a multi-point pay station offering multiple payment options including cash, debit and credit card and contactless payment for your parking lot. It has a multi-point locking system to ensure the cash inside is safe from break-ins. The 15″ touchscreen, reinforced with gorilla glass to ensure security, gives the driver a reality-based interaction to help them conveniently make their payment.

Standard Features


  • A single-slot card processing system for accepting barcode tickets.
  • Discount cards processing.
  • Preparation for Intercom with call pushbuttons.
  • An electronic system for accepting up to 12 coins.
  • A change machine offering 5 coin types.
  • A Banknote reader accepting all common notes.
  • A lockable overflow cassette for coins.
  • 4,500 ticket-holding cassette
  • System notification for when there are 200 tickets left
  • A mechanism for accepting discount tickets.
  • Programmable rates available
  • Service and maintenance access with a wall outlet.
  • A heating element with a thermostat
  • A Cancelation button, lost ticket button, receipt printer, language selection and other operations allowed through the 15″ TFT touchscreen
  • A Three-point espagnolette bolt mechanism for locking the front door.
  • Steel housing (3 mm) with powder coating and anti-corrosion treatment.
  • An Electronic security system which opens through a combination of a code and pass.
  • Peripheral equipment control interface: bidirectional parallel, MDB8 and serial interface.
  • An interface for Full-duplex dual-speed Ethernet to facilitate network connections; GPRS or RS485 also available.
  • I/O interface for communication with external components and system.

Car Parking Solutions

Optional Features


  • Credit card, debit card and chip card payment unit available.
  • Housing in RAL colour of your choice
  • Partial or entirely stainless steel make.
  • Intercom with VoIP transmission via TCP/IP, requiring no additional wiring.
  • High-resolution IP camera with a razor-sharp image for intercom calls
  • A Self-filling hopper system for dispensing coins
  • Activation and topping up of prepaid customer cards
  • In case of a lost ticket, license plate input allowed.
  • Mifare cards processing.

Car Parking Solutions

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