Information Panel Overview

ParkBase Information Panel Rewrite

Pixelated, two-toned displays are yesterday’s news. The Parkbase Information Panel (PIP) carries your smart parking system into a new and exciting era through high definition LED display. Image quality is about more than mere aesthetics. With a full RGB palette at your disposal, you can monetise your entrances through new advertising channels while displaying your own parking-related content. The Parking Information Panel acts as a sophisticated guiding display, giving your clientele the knowledge they need to divert their own traffic. With that, you can wave goodbye to congestion, but PIP is more than just directional signage.


Software Integration

PIP connects seamlessly with your IP platform and ParkBase software, so it’s always up to date with space availability and the location of empty bays. It empowers your users with information about your lot’s real-time status, keeping traffic flowing without human help. If you think strategically about the placement of your displays, your lot will almost run itself. Ever wished you could send updates to your clients in real-time? With PIP, you can, and that will extend your marketing potential exponentially. Use it to display your business hours, rates, and service messages.


Outdoor and Indoor Design

One of the most common complaints among parking lot users is a lack of directional signage, and PIP addresses them in one simple solution. It provides 42 inches of full high definition imagery through a robust, watertight system. The displays are available in four indoor options: Upright, recumbent, wall, and ceiling mounted. If you need an outdoor display, PIP is also offered in an upright design that’s completely splatter and water-resistant. This technology displays all the data your ParkBase system offers.


The Power of Intel

Each PIP display relies on an Intel NUC mini-computer. This powerful i7 processor can manage a maximum of 4.7 GHz and a 12M cache. Those specifications improve data retrieval and allow for the storage of reusable information. That translates into excellent speed and efficiency. The NUC’s power outweighs its tiny footprint, and like any Intel product, it’s built to last. It’s also designed to produce superlative graphics that will enhance your brand value.


Lots tend to be dark, dank spaces that add little to your reputation. With PIP, you can carry your image into the 21st century through superb graphics and even better functionality. No ParkBase system is complete without it.




  • 42″ full HD LED display
  • Connect to ParkBase
  • Intel NUC (mini-computer)


  • 42″ LED display (PIP)
  • Connect to ParkBase
  • Upright model
  • Watertight and Splatter-resistant.

Car Parking Solutions



  • Upright or recumbent, wall or ceiling mouned.

Car Parking Solutions

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