IP Out Exit Terminal

IP Out Terminal, High-Quality Exiting Hardware

Making use of internet-based connectivity, IP Out is a durable hardware smart car park exiting system. It can be connected to from any location in the world and will be supported by a comprehensive range of smart devices.

It can also be utilised with IP 350, so it affords the capability of functioning as a smart access management system in any type of parking facility where it is installed. Regardless of the commercial operations at your parking facility, the IP Out Terminal will offer your business practical exiting options without limit.

The terminal itself is equipped with a sizable touchscreen that measures 15 inches. This can be used intuitively by parking customers to select from numerous options such as entering PIN codes, using the in-built intercom system or to simply tap on a corporate logo in order to confirm who or why they are visiting.

IP Out is a terminal that will also allow visitors to your parking facility to pay as they exit it. The system offers various electronic payment platforms for increased convenience. It even comes equipped with the necessary functionality to operate as a fully working pay station, if wanted.


Standard Features


  • Single-slot processing
  • Accepts and reads barcoded tickets
  • Internal ingestion system
  • Catch basin for card collection
  • Intercom system with a call push button
  • A 15-inch touchscreen with toughened glazing
  • Convenient maintenance access points
  • Door lock at the front has a triple-point espagnolette bolt
  • Cylinder lock at the side door
  • Internal heating system with a thermostat
  • Aluminium housing with powder coating for anti-corrosion
  • Eight serial, MDB and bi-directional parallel interfaces supported for peripheral equipment
  • Full-duplex dual-speed network connectivity – Ethernet, GPRS and RS485 availability
  • I/O interface for compatibility with external systems and components

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Optional Extras


  • VoIP-enabled communications for the intercom with no additional wiring requirement
  • GPRS-enabled wireless connectivity
  • Mifare and credit card subscriber reader functionality
  • Reader for credit cards
  • QR scanner in high-definition
  • PIN terminal
  • NEDAP system for long-range reading
  • Prefabricated terminal foundation
  • Pedestrian-height platform
  • Truck-height platform
  • Optional housing finish in any RAL colour
  • Stainless steel door at the front

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