Licence Plate Camera

Our licence plate recognition hardware includes a high-quality camera that will improve any parking facility’s traffic flow, especially at entry and exit points.

Our licence plate recognition camera is capable of processing up to 900 vehicles in any 60-minute period, working at a much higher detection rate than alternative systems which typically run at 300 licence plates per hour.


Barrierless Entry

Located at the entrance to a car park, our licence plate recognition hardware will register the licence plates of all the vehicles entering a parking facility via its camera. This IP-connected system does away with the need for a physical gate at both the entrance and exit.


Develop Sales Opportunities

Linked to other smart parking hardware, the licence plate camera will allow car park users to reserve their bay online beforehand and be recognised when then turn up to use it. Other options, like car washing or repeat parking arrangements, can all be arranged using the same technology.


Utilise a Unique ID

Because licence plates have a one-off number, they provide a convenient means of identifying cars, vans, lorries and motorbikes. By using this identification method, you can grant access to a car park to authorised drivers only, speeding up the traffic flow.


Ongoing Monitoring to Improve Recognition Rates

Some customised licence plates are harder for any recognition system to spot. To make our hardware as free from misreadings as possible, we make use of standard system components which help to improve our recognition rates. This is monitored for any potential improvements that might make the camera even better.


Customer Management

Our system can cope with multiple licence plates stored under a single subscriber or customer account, making it ideal for company fleets and owners of more than one vehicle.

Parking Security

Our licence plate recognition systems come with a security feature known as Escort. This scans the licence plate with the camera and also reads the driver’s access card. Only when the two-match one another will a vehicle be able to leave the car park, thereby making it much harder for thieves to operate.


Environmental Benefits

Since our licence plate camera works so speedily, it will mean fewer unnecessary driver stops in your car park which, in turn, will lessen the number of airborne particulates. As no queues will form on entry and exit, so pollution will be minimised.


Automatic Exiting for Short Stay Users

Offering a standard auto-exit function, our licence plate camera system is ideal for car parks where short-term parking will be in operation. All a short stay user needs to do is to collect a barcode ticket on entry which they scan before returning to their vehicle. Once any due payment is made, the car is pre-approved for departure and can leave without queuing or paying at a gated exit.

A web-based car parking system that includes a licence plate recognition camera will enjoy numerous future-proof benefits.

Car Parking Solutions

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