Maintenance Kit Overview

The best maintenance for your parking management system is preventative. If you take care of your hardware, you’ll experience fewer breakdowns. Your day-to-day maintenance has a powerful effect on your parking lot’s profitability. Prevention is much cheaper than cure because repairs often require costly hardware replacements. Breakdowns cause indirect losses as well. You can lose business, and even loyal clients, due to bottlenecks and sluggish service. Advance Access has just the solution. Our maintenance kit systematises your daily routine, helping you to perform maintenance in just a few minutes. It has everything you need to resolve 90% of the hardware problems you face. The kit is designed to maintain your IP cashless payment and other parking systems.


Maintenance Kit Overview

Our kit is designed to reduce the slope of the learning curve. It’s so easy to use that even beginners will manage the first-line service. It cleans, prevents, and repairs.


Dust is a powerful corrosive. When it gets into your machinery and computers, it can interfere with the signals communicated through your keyboards and printers. It can trap motors and fans while rendering your CPUs useless, and once that damage is done, you often need an entirely new product. A thorough, regular clean is one of the best things you can do for your system, but that’s impossible without the right tools. Our maintenance kit contains everything you need for everyday care, including:


  • Semi-dry cleaning foam in a convenient atomiser.
  • Compressed air for clearing dust from keys and eyelets.
  • Cleaning cards for cleaning the inside of your ticket issuing processor.
  • Cut-out foam and clips.


Foam and compressed air allow staff to clean electrical parts without touching them directly. They’re far more effective than manual tools. Our compressed air cans have tiny nozzles that are shaped to get into the tiny spaces of your hardware. Ports and connections are delicate. Excess stress and pressure are as damaging as no maintenance at all, but compressed air achieves a dust-free clean without putting any strain on your sensitive hardware.


Air can’t lift tough grime, so our foam canisters offer an anti-static system that lifts ingrained dirt that’s too greasy to be blown away. Static discharges can destroy your CPU at a meagre 5 volts, so it’s critical to clean your parts with products specifically designed for static prevention.


The maintenance kit is packed into a compact, easy-to-carry case that your supervisor can comfortably transport.

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