Subscriber Terminal Overview

Getting a customer to visit your parking facility for the first time is a great accomplishment. It is even better if you can get them to pay you a second or a third visit. The real prize, however, is if you can get them to be regulars and subscribe to your car park, paying you weeks or months in advance. It is these regulars who will assure you of a constant income besides acting as an effective marketing force to increase your customer base.


This is why you need to scale up your services with modern car parking solutions like a subscriber terminal to ensure your customers enjoy maximum convenience which will encourage them to return.


What is a Subscriber Terminal?


Once you have succeeded in attracting customers willing to be regulars to your facility, you will need a way of authenticating them separate from other one-time visitors. The aim is to ensure the shortest possible check-in and check-out times to avoid frustrations. IP Access subscriber terminal will have the details of the visitors in advance, granting them instant access.


The driver only needs to enter their registration details or card into the screen, and they will be granted access. In other cases, integrations with other hardware and software solutions such as a guidance system and license recognition systems can be used to authenticate and guide the drivers straight to their reserved spot without having to get out of their vehicles. Such conveniences will make them look forward to driving back to your park the next day.


With IP Access, you could configure your subscriber terminal to display the details of the visitors on the LCD and greet them in. An intercom system could also be used with the system to permit visitors entry in case of issues.

Standard Features 

  • Subscriber reader (Mifare)
  • 20 characters/2 line display with LED backlight
  • Standard preparation for possible installation of an intercom post
  • Aluminium housing with powder coating in standard colour black RAL 9004.
  • Operating panel in colour aluminium grey PES 521

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Optional Features 

  • IP intercom post
  • IP built-in camera
  • Lighting control
  • Control of the incoming roller gate

With the IP Access Subscriber terminal, you will have an easy time authenticating and granting access to your regulars. Together with other car parking solutions from Advance Parking, you could offer your customers the ultra-modern convenience and experience that will keep them coming back for more.

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