High Security Bollard Styles

Architects design buildings with aesthetics in mind. Unfortunately, security measures can disrupt a building’s appearance. Finding a balance between security and beauty is a challenge. Advance Access offers high security bollards in a range of styles.

Here are three high-security bollards that keep clients, staff, pedestrians and infrastructure secure without disrupting a building’s appeal.

Scimitar Bollards

Scimitar high-security bollards are made of highly durable materials. Scimitar bollards are typically placed near high-traffic pedestrian areas. The bollard’s low profile does not interfere with pedestrian traffic or clash with a building’s entry way.

A matte finish and horizontal marking stripe create a subtle access control point.

Scimitar bollards are designed to obstruct vehicles and withstand heavy impact. They are durable yet non-aggressive in appearance.


  • durable materials
  • subtle appearance
  • impact mitigation

Scimitar Static Bollards

Scimitar static bollards offer contemporary buildings a high-finish option. Sleek and modern, these bollards can be removed as necessary. This style is often found along plazas or building perimeters.

Capable of withstanding high impact and meeting strict BSI PAS 68 standards, Scimitar static bollards absorb impact. The bollard’s high finish is graffiti-resistant.


  • vandalism-resistant
  • removable options
  • contemporary styling

Resilience Bollards

Resilience bollards are well-suited for older buildings, narrow passages and other pre-Industrial environments. These bollards will not interfere with underground pipes or other below-ground infrastructure. Their foundations are 100 mm.

Aside from a shallow foundation, resilience bollards are effective when used in 3 bollard arrays. They withstand high impact vehicles, yet configure to difficult environments.

Historic buildings and sites require high-security bollards for visitor safety. Yet, visitors and staff prefer subtle security features. Subtle security bollards do not interfere with picture-taking, touring or historic ambiance.

Resilience bollards are available in a variety of finishes. Stone, steel and ornate finish maintain a pristine visitor experience.


  • shallow foundation
  • finish options
  • adaptable configurations

Secure Parking Features

Advance Access has overseen many parking security projects. High-security bollards are a way to control access and direct pedestrian traffic. Even when intent is not malicious, high-security bollards offer protection from errant vehicles.

Access control points offer security. They also eliminate bottlenecks and improve traffic flow. Building managers and security personnel meet with security design experts. Together they develop strategies that improve security from all perspectives.

Security threats are not always intentional or malicious. Understanding and mitigating all possible threats is fundamental to security design and implementation.

PAS High-Security Network

High-security bollards are designed by Avon Barrier. They are an important element of an entire access control system. When designing your access control system, consider the purpose of high-security bollards within your overall access control strategy.

PAS 68 high-security products include ballistic gates, barriers and road blockers. When used together, PAS 68 systems offer protection from multiple vectors.

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