Parking Payment Machine

Cashless Parking Payment Machine

Unattended car park payment machines are a simple payment solution for clients and car park managers. LCD displays guide users through the payment process. Security features ensure currencies are safely stored.


APTL car park payment machines are standard features in many car parks. Advance Access designs parking systems with payment machines in mind. Design features that streamline services improve customer experience.

Consider the needs of car park users. Choose car park payment machines that offer multiple payment options.

APTL Payment Machines accept a variety of payments:

  • coins
  • bank notes
  • credit cards
  • contact-less cards

APTL payment machines integrate with third-party services. Upgrading your payment machine does not require a complete system overhaul.

If a complete overhaul is necessary, then explore a wide range of payment and security options. Car park payment machines have a great deal of potential. When combined with a complete parking system, payment machines solve multiple parking issues.

Multi-Use Payment Machines

When car parks are updated with multi-feature car payment machines clients receive improved services. Payment machines power parking barriers and gates. They provide change and offer receipts. LCD displays offer up to three different languages and multiple payment options.

Choose a combination of services that are most appropriate for your car park scenario. Here are a few examples.

Fixed Fee Terminals

Fixed fee car park payment machines are minimalist. They are appropriate for areas with limited space, whether indoor or outdoor.

Fixed fee terminals offer clients change and receipts when necessary. Terminals are stand-alone or integrated with a complete car park system that includes barriers, intercoms and other features.

Pay-on-Foot Systems

Pay-on-foot car park payment machines are designed for high-traffic and congested environments.

Shopping malls, large venues and areas with narrow lanes are prime locations for pay-on-foot stations. Patrons can take their time making payments.

Indoor parking locations with pay-on-foot machines have cleaner air. The need to keep engines running or line up in vehicle queues is limited.

Security Features

All car park payment machines offer secure cash-holding features. Credit card information is secure due to third-party integration.

Other security features include:

  • Intercom System
  • Coin Safe
  • Bank Note Safe
  • RFID Reader
  • Crosspark Servers

Congestion, air pollution, security and bottlenecks are alleviated with the best designs and equipment.

Key Features

  • Unattended parking fee payment
  • Rugged construction
  • Multilevel cash protection separated from service assess
  • (safety lock)
  • Three locking points
  • Key access behind safety cover
  • Language selection (min 3 languages)
  • Coin acceptor up to 16 nominal
  • Up to 6 coin nominal change giving
  • 4 x 20 character LCD blue/white display
  • Thermo receipt printer
  • Motherboard without OS
  • Battery backup
  • RAL color spectrum option

Optional Extras

  • GSM Intercom / third party integration option
  • RFID card reader / third party integration option
  • Banknote acceptor up to 16 nominal
  • (600/1000 new banknotes)
  • Credit card payment/NFC
  • Heating/ventilation (power supply 230 V)
  • GSM modem for remote monitoring
  • Solar module power supply
  • “P“ sign on the pole

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Technical Specifications

Power Supply 230 V / 50 Hz + 12V Accumulator
Control Voltage 12VDC
Ingress Protection IP 44/20
Vandal Protection Rating IK 10
Dimension  1660 x 450 x 375mm
Weight  105 kg
Operational Temperature Range -25 up to +70 °C