Parking Payment Station

Car Parking Payment Station

Car park clients’ expectations run high. They want to find a spot quickly, limit their time in queue and receive needed information. Car park APTM payment station machines meet and exceed client expectations. They also save costs by offering well-serviced, automated solutions.


Here are several features that automated car park station machines use to boost car park investment returns.

Unattended Payments

Maintaining a car park without the need for additional staff is a major return on investment. In such instances, companies keep car parks open and available 24/7. Clients can pay using a variety of means, and payments are kept secure in robust payment caches.

Detailed features include:

  • Multi-level Cash Protection
  • Coin, Banknote, Card and Contactless Options
  • Ticket Reader
  • Multi-Currency

All car park payment machine stations feature intercoms and other security features that keep clients and payments safe.

Multi-Level Security

Car parks must be kept secure using physical means. However, clients feel more secure when they know other people are available in the event of an emergency. Further, credit card data and digital payments also must be secured. As a result, multi-level security features are designed to meet these various demands separately, and simultaneously.

Multi-Level Security Features

  • Anti-vandal LCD touch-screens
  • RS/485 IP Communication
  • Variable IP Intercom
  • Multi-Language Options

IP communication tools ensure that credit card data is encrypted and secure. Other communication features, such as touch-screens and intercoms allow clients to communicate directly with security officers.

Access Control

Car parks are often an entry point to the rest of a building, complex or location. Physical security features keep currency and clients secure while they are in the car park. Access control features keep an entire area secure.

Access Control Features

  • RFID Car Reader
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Barrier Control
  • Parking Ticket Validator

Access control features are easily integrated into stand-alone payment stations. They are also incorporated into complete parking systems. Complete parking systems feature barriers and gates to control access.

Information and Marketing

Car park payment station machines are sited at entrances and exits. These are prominent locations. Anyone strolling or driving past will see these stations. Anyone entering and exiting the car park interacts with these stations. Businesses capitalize on this prominence by using payment stations as ad space.

Seventeen-inch LCD screens are designed to communicate with users. Maps, promotions, upcoming events, important information and other messages are programmed into station screens. In addition, parking tickets feature ads and promotions.

Information and Marketing Features

  • Custom RAL Color
  • Logos
  • Photos
  • Backgrounds


Payment station longevity is a major factor when calculating a return on investment. Car park payment stations are rugged and durable. They are designed to meet impact standards as well as to deter vandalism.

Key Features

  • Unattended payment
  • Rugged construction
  • Multi-level cash protection
  • Language selection (4 languages)
  • 17” LCD antivandal touch screen
  • Industry PC control unit with Windows 7 software
  • Tickets reader (bar code, magnetic strip)
  • 2 different currencies at the same time compatible
  • Payment with coins, banknotes and payment (credit) cards
  • Change (coins, banknotes)
  • Variable RFID card reader (or third-party card reader)
  • Fiscal receipts printer
  • Variable IP intercom
  • RS 485 / IP communication
  • Dimensions 1700 x 945 x 455mm
  • Custom RAL colour

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Technical Specifications

Power Supply 230 V / 50 Hz + 12V Accumulator
Control Voltage 12VDC
Ingress Protection IP 44/20
Vandal Protection Rating IK 10
Dimension  1660 x 450 x 375mm
Weight  105 kg
Operational Temperature Range -25 up to +70 °C