API Connectivity Overview

How APIs Carry You into a High-Tech Future

You’ve built a slick parking strategy replete with automated booms and hi-tech payment methods, but how will you bridge the gap between your many software interfaces? That’s where your application programming interface (API) steps in. Communication is as important in the software world as it is in day-to-day life. Just as connection cures a thousand relationship ills, APIs fix a thousand systemic ills.


Communication Counts

 An API facilitates real-time data exchange between applications. That means different things in different scenarios. APIs are multi-talented. They can:


  • Upgrade your systems at once.
  • Connect your control room application with your lot so that it can send commands and notifications.
  • Reserve parking spaces in advance.
  • Facilitate payments via external apps and software.
  • Track the people in your lot in real-time via license plates and other data.
  • Maintain and add to your subscription service.


Consumer Ease with APIs

 When all your software components have their own APIs, you must perform every interaction from scratch. That makes daily life at your lot time-consuming and expensive. A well-designed API can organise your code for improved ease of use. It can cut out steps in business processes so that you can, for example, pay for a parking space or search for a number plate in just one click.


This has a powerful impact on your customer retention. When your clients don’t have to go through an ordeal to use your lots, they’re less likely to shut their payment process down prematurely. APIs’ effect on staff productivity is just as powerful. If your employees can perform their technical work simply and efficiently, they can spend their workdays on more important things like client retention and service excellence.


Command Centre APIs

 A command centre API integrates every system your employees use from your base. With your cameras, parking systems, and intercoms integrated through one simple interface, you can add an entire universe of functionality. Your API can display an image of customers who are using your intercom, access a digital map of their location, and even switch reversible lanes. APIs can also connect your software engineers with their applications, making future upgrades a cinch.


Payment APIs

 A payment services API can detect your customers’ locations and handle bookings from any location. With the help of widgets, it can even handle one-click parking bookings through social media. It will:


  • Handle reservations via your website
  • Register visitors through their mobile phones.
  • Interface with your loyalty program.
  • Gather the data management teams need to fuel analytics.


If you need to issue discounts or collect data for subscriptions, your API will handle the tough jobs. Your bookkeepers and managers will love it as much as your clients do.


APIs carry your business into the 21st century, introducing technology at every point of human contact. They prepare you for a high tech future. When APIs are integrated into your system, you can upgrade in a jiff, no hard labour necessary. Successful businesses are evolving businesses. Welcome to a more profitable future.

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