Booking Agent Overview

Booking Agent Solution

At Advance Parking, we provide numerous software solutions that are designed to make parking more convenient and easier to manage. This is certainly the case with our booking agent solution. Read on to find out more about how it can help you.


Booking Agent Solution – A Brief Overview


Our booking agent solution is a software system that enables our parking reservation system, known as ParkBase, to interact in real-time with booking agents who might be wanting to access and update their reservations simultaneously. You can think of it as an independent layer of software that interacts between ParkBase and the reservations shop or shops that are accessing it.


You may ask yourself why ParkBase is not directly accessible to reservation shops and the main reason for this is that they are open to the public which means that certain associated risks may come into play. To avoid any potential breakdowns or abuses of the system, therefore, the booking agent solution provides the necessary architecture to allow for successful interactions but without any of the threats associated with public usage via webshops.


What Does the Booking Agent Solution Do?


Now you have a basic understanding of the rationale behind our booking agent solution, it will be beneficial to explain exactly what this software does. To explain this, let’s take a closer look at the way ParkBase itself operates. Firstly, it will be set to offer a particular number of parking reservations within a given period, such as ten per day or two hundred per week depending on the nature of the parking facility. A reservation schedule will be generated which allows users to enter specific details, such as:


  • Start time and date
  • End time and date
  • The number of spaces available
  • The time when those spaces must be sold to customers reserving them
  • The expiration time of the space allocation
  • The webshops where the parking reservations are sold


As you can see, reservations in the parking facility may be made by multiple sellers at various webshops. A problem could arise, however, in situations where multiple sellers all have the same priority level, potentially leading to double-bookings or one seller reserving more than their share. What the booking agent solution does effectively stopping this kind of problem because an individual schedule is made for each reservation shop.


When a reservation schedule is generated in ParkBase, it will be sent to the booking agent. The software solution cleverly allows every interested party to see the schedule but will update it regularly until all the parking spaces are reserved or released. The standard configuration for this update is once per hour. This way, all sellers know exactly how many reservations they can reasonably make at any time without letting their clients down or, conversely, not making a reservation because they expect all of the spaces to be gone by then.


Additional Features


The Booking Agent solution allows for various discounts and offers to be considered, perhaps offering promotions for early bookings. The system also allows them to:


  • Query whether a parking space is available at a specific time
  • Confirm what rate calculation should be used for such a booking
  • Alter or cancel an existing reservation
  • Look at all the open reservation slots for specific periods
  • Issue a PIN code to customers they can use to confirm their booking on arrival
  • Surcharge customers who have parked in a bay outside of their reserved time

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