Business Parking Overview

FirmBase: Business Parking Solution

For some organisations, the scale and nature of operations may make it a necessity to own a parking facility. For others, outsourcing parking spaces from nearby facilities will be more cost-effective. The challenge comes in finding the right balance between efficient parking and keeping operating costs low.

Luckily, businesses could lease parking spaces from nearby facilities to cater to the parking needs of their staff members. For instance, it would be unreasonably costly for an enterprise with less than ten employees to set aside space and resources for building a modern parking lot. If they are located near an already established parking lot, it would make more sense for them to rent their parking needs from there.

Conveniently Manage your Business Parking Space

Managing a parking space shared between multiple organisations could be very difficult. Fortunately, FirmBase from Advance Parking offers a cheap and convenient internet-based solution to help organisations make the most of their parking spaces. The software gives the managers and users flexibility, allowing you to manage a section of the parking facility as if it were yours. You will be able to add subscribers or users, and could also pre-register visitors to use the parking spaces.

Your visitors can be granted access through several methods, eliminating the need for on-site staff to manage the vehicles. They could be granted access through license plate recognition, via an intercom system, or using a barcode ticket.


Through License Plate Recognition


Here, the visitor has their license plate recorded in advance using a reservation module such as Reserva. At the entrance, license plate cameras scan their vehicles and they are granted access to the facility. Since their license plate is pre-recorded, it becomes easy to know which company the visitor is associated with.

Via an Intercom System

This can be especially useful when outsourcing parking space for visitors. They should have their names pre-recorded and stored in the system. At the entrance, they will press the intercom and will be asked for their name, after which they will be granted access and guided to their relevant spaces. Upon exit, the visitor will again press the intercom and report so their stay can be entered into the system.

With a Barcode Ticket

For facilities with a barcode system, the visitors will be required to have a barcode ticket. This contains information about the specific stay and can be re-coded as appropriate. For instance, you could use the online FirmBase service to recode a visitor’s ticket to include free parking or one free exit. The parking transaction will then be automatically billed from the business account

In a nutshell, the FirmBase software enables a manager to add users who can then be easily granted access. This allows businesses to conveniently rent out their parking spaces with all the administrative burden falling on the user group.

Car Parking Solutions

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