PARKBASE: The Intelligent Car Parking Management System

Like most industries, rapid technological advancements constantly change the way things work in the parking sector, often intending to increase convenience. As a parking manager or owner of a parking facility, you must respond appropriately to these developments if you wish to stay on the competitive rug.

This is why you should take advantage of IP Parking solutions such as ParkBase.

What is IP Parking?

IP or Intelligent Parking is a modern car parking system that uses the Internet of Things and other web-based solutions to make it accessible and more convenient for both the operators and the customers. The customers and the managers can access it easily through any browser from anywhere in the world.

Advance IP Parking solutions such as ParkBase will revolutionize your parking facility, ultra-modernizing it, and making it ready for the future.

Features and Benefits of ParkBase

Below are some features that make ParkBase a must-have smart parking solution for modern car parks:

Web-based and scalable

There is no minimum or maximum number of car parks that can enjoy the benefits of ParkBase. Whether you are looking for a car park management system for a single or hundreds of parking spaces, it will work perfectly for you. Since it is web-based, the system can be scaled up or down depending on the number of people to be served. What’s better, multiple car parks can be easily managed remotely from a browser. You will therefore require fewer human resources, increasing the profitability of your facility.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

The Mobility-as-a-service concept involves the shift of modes of transport from personally owned to them being provided as services. ParkBase enables the creation of user accounts from where their parking charges will be automatically billed. This fits perfectly with the MaaS concept as a car owner or user will have access to quick and efficient parking regardless of where they are. In the same way, the car park owner can easily manage their parking space from anywhere.

Allows Numerous Integrations

Parkbase is easy to integrate with several other systems to make it as efficient and self-sufficient as possible. By allowing integration with systems such as surveillance, guidance, pay-by-phone, and reservation, your customers will have an easy time checking in, finding a space to park, paying, and checking out of your car park.

A fully integrated license plate recognition system makes it possible for a car to enter and leave the garage without having to stop at any point. In short, there will be minimal interaction between the customer and your parking management system, making a shorter processing time for each customer.

Countless integrations

Parkbase offers multiple integration options such as pay-by-phone parking, reservations, camera surveillance and many payment solutions. These integrations are user friendly and are preferred by customers. It also offers discount cards, discount codes and discount providers as to honor loyalty. There are different options available ans we’ll be glad to tell you more about it.

License plate recognition

ParkBase is integrated with license plate recognition technology. This technology recognizes the license plates and provides vehicles to enter and leave without having to stop. This in turn gives smoother moving traffic and is faster than the traditional parking system.

Easily Updatable

Since technology keeps improving, what is new today may be outdated by next week. As such, it is important to have a modern car parking system that is easily adaptable to the changes. The ParkBase software is easily updatable, ensuring that your system will be up to date with the latest functionalities and trends.

Flexible Hosting

With ParkBase, you can choose to either host your parking management system with Advance Parking, or run the software on your existing server. Whichever the case, the application is secure, safeguarded both your customer and organization information. Feel free to contact us for assistance on this.ParkBase not only increases the efficiency and profitability of your facility but also secures and prepares it for the future. Advance IP Parking offers ParkBase, among other car park management solutions that make your parking facility easier to manage.

Parkbase offers the parking solution future in your hands. Let us know if you want to know more about ParkBase  and parking solutions!

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